RDC provides a specialized range of advisory and consulting services to the hospitality, real estate and tourism industries, including:

Market Feasibility Analysis

Market Feasibility Studies conducted by Resort Development Consultants consists of an in-depth analysis of financial projections and modeling based off of market trends. RDC evaluates the level of market support for a resort or hotel development project considering the suitability of the site, current and future demand in the market area, assessment of existing and potential competitive supply, and evaluation of the market share that could be reasonably attained by the subject property.

Financial Feasibility Analysis

Our hotel consulting firm determines the financial viability of a hotel development project based on analysis of the estimated cost of the project, application of a financing plan, and projected cash flow and profitability relative to the investment required. RDC conducts financial feasibility analysis for hotel and resort development as well as public and private sector tourism development initiatives.

Redevelopment Analysis and Implementation Strategies

To determine the potential for redevelopment, revitalization, or development of infill projects, Resort Development Consultants will complete a redevelopment analysis and construct implementation strategies surrounding the logistics of the project. Much like our market feasibility analysis, redevelopment plans are carried out with the current and future market in mind. Development analysis will determine whether or not the level of potential market support will generate sufficient return on investment based on all of the above factors.

Asset Management and Operational Consulting

Asset management and operational consulting through RDC provides a clinical third-party assessment of property operations with a focus on improving profitability and asset value.  Our hotel consulting firm provides asset management and advisory services for public institutions, private equity investors, as well as institutional lenders. If your hotel group or tourism sector is already thriving, RDC will provide operational consulting to improve internal and financial management, to either increase revenue or ensure economic stability during a fluctuating market.

Transaction Services

Part of RDC’s transaction services includes acquisition due diligence. RDC consultants will analyze real estate property acquisitions and resort development projects to assess whether or not the project or property meets the investment goals of the developer/investor. Our professional hotel consultants provide capital advisory services in workout and delinquent hospitality debt situations, and  understand the complexities of the hospitality industry as an operating business and as a real estate investment.

Hotel Brand and Management Company Selection

RDC advises and assists in the identification and solicitation of hotel management companies, evaluations of the most suitable brand affiliation, and negotiations of key business terms and conditions of management and licensing agreements.

Development Advisory Services

Our hotel consulting group assists in formulating the conceptual master plan, facilities programming, and business strategy for new hotel and resort projects; assisting clients in the development process by providing specialized knowledge of key destination markets, established relationships with international hotel companies, and expertise in evaluating the market and financial feasibility of proposed projects. Resort Development Consultants help to develop and implement plans and concepts for branding, operations, and all matters surrounding development, management, and project financing.

Highest and Best Use Analysis

RDC consultants determine the optimal economic use for a property, considering the identified site and market opportunities and constraints

Resort Development Consultants

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