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Firm Concept

Resort Development Consultants, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Marie Dexter and Frank Csar to provide specialized advisory and consulting services to the hospitality, tourism and real estate industries.  The boutique firm is distinguished by the direct participation of its two highly qualified principals in all consulting engagements. With over 25 years’ experience in international hospitality and leisure sectors, RDC’s highly experienced, professional team has earned an impeccable reputation and is recognized for its high level of credibility among international hotel operators, institutional investors, financial institutions, and major real estate development clients.

Scope of Services

RDC advises and assists in the development process, working with developers, land planners, and architects to conceptualize the optimal design program based on identified site and market opportunities and constraints.  The professional advisory and hotel consulting services provided by RDC’s experienced principals afford our clients a reliable and thorough evaluation of the full potential of a proposed project. A major part of this process includes conducting feasibility studies for resort and hotel development projects and property acquisitions. RDC’s consultants conduct ongoing tourism and hospitality research in order to maintain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics affecting hotels and resorts both nationally and internationally.

International Experience

Through our extensive involvement in numerous hotel and resort projects throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, we have gained an invaluable perspective and first-hand experience in international tourism markets.  This experience gives our clients a competitive advantage in identifying, planning and developing new projects. As an international hotel and resort consulting firm, RDC provides the best tourism and hospitality advisory services to assist you in the development process for your international construction project or hotel property development.


RDC’s two founding principals are recognized leaders in the international hospitality consulting industry, and have over 25 years’ experience managing consulting assignments involving both the public and private sectors, working for international hotel companies, institutional investors, financial institutions, public financing agencies and municipalities, and leading developer clients. Our hotel consulting firm sees great success due to pure experience and extensive knowledge of hospitality consulting both nationally and internationally.

Resort Development Consultants

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